Mettur Dam: The Lifeline of Tamil Nadu

A small village called Mettur near Salem a city in Tamil Nadu lays a magnificent dam. This dam is not like any other dam in India. It is the largest dam in Tamil Nadu. As per the historical records the construction of Mettur took 9 years to complete. So what led to its construction and why it is counted in one of the best tourist places in Tamil Nadu. Here are some of the interesting facts about Mettur Dam.

The historical significance of this dam

It is said that the actual construction of the dam took place in 1925 but the construction spanned over 9 years. In 1934 the inauguration took place and the governor of Madras, Sir George Stanley himself inaugurated it.

The construction

Mettur is built across the Cauvery River and the construction took place in 1943 that is before independence. A British architect Mr. Ellis designed the structure of the dam and another British engineer, Mr. Mullings supervised the project. It has a whopping length of 1700 meters. The dam speaks loudly about the engineering genius of that time. Although it took nine years to get completed but given the technology and the geographical challenges the time period is justified. This dam is human-made and a testament to the man’s potential.

Mettur DamThe Mettur dam provides irrigation facilities for 2, 71,000 acres of agricultural land. The dam gives a picturesque view of the hilly area around it. Another interesting fact about this dam is that it was earlier used to be called Stanley reservoir. There is also a hydroelectric power plant in its vicinity. This power station produces 240 MW of electricity. There is also a variety of fishes in the reservoir.

Attraction for tourists

Even though it is a dam, lots of tourists flock here to enjoy the scenic view. Ellis Park which is at the base of the dam is another popular attraction for tourists. The verdant hills at the backdrop of the dam make the view even more adorable. Other than these a fall called Hogenakkal Falls is a key attraction for travelers.

Best time to visit this fall

The Mettur dam is open throughout the year; nevertheless one must visit this dam between October to March.

How to reach Mettur Dam

The best way to reach the dam is either by Taxi or Bus. It takes one and a half hours to reach the place from Salem which is 40 km away.

metturMettur Dam: The Lifeline of Tamil Nadu

Mettur Dam – Hogenakkal (Tamilnadu)

Mettur Dam Tamilnadu is one of the most important destinations for Tamilnadu Tourism. If you are planning a tour to the beautiful state of southern India, don’t’ miss the view of this mesmerizing dam. In India dams are of utter importance and they attach scenic beauty of the country.

metturMettur Dam – Hogenakkal (Tamilnadu)

Nandi -A Meditative Bull

Nandi(nanthi) holy cow is the bull vahana of Shiva. In Shiva temples, It is placed just opposite the entrance to the shrine containing the image of Shiva. Nandi is acting not only as Shiva’s guardian, but also as a constant lover. As nandi mimics the place of every lover who comes to stand before the deity, he is often revered as a model lover.

metturNandi -A Meditative Bull