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Mettur dam is situated at Mettur in the district of Salem, Tamil Nadu, India. This is one of the largest dams of India. The presence of Mettur dam makes it one of the important Tourist places in Tamil Nadu. The value mettur dam attcahes to the asset of Tamil Nadu is priceless. Constructed in the year 1934, this dam has a rich history. Like other dams of India its construction history too is interesting and lengthy. Mettur was a result of disputes that arose on the water usage of River Kaveri.

Kaveri is a sacred river of the southern India. It originates in Karnataka. The entire flow of river Kaveri is interesting. It is celebrated as ‘Dakshina Ganga’. Ganga is an important river of the country and known all over the world. The importance of river Ganges to the entire country is similar to that of Kaveri to the Southern India. Hence reserving the water of Kaveri in the Mettur dam was an important decision taken long back in the history.


But love is much like a dam: if you allow a tiny crack to form through which
only a trickle of water can pass, that trickle will quickly bring down the whole structure, and soon no one will be able to control the force of the current. For when those walls come down, then love takes over, and it no longer matters what is possible or impossible, it doesn’t even matter whether we can keep the loved one at our side. To love is to lose control.

Paulo Coelho