Mettur Dam – Hogenakkal (Tamilnadu)

Mettur Dam Tamilnadu is one of the most important destinations for Tamilnadu Tourism. If you are planning a tour to the beautiful state of southern India, don’t’ miss the view of this mesmerizing dam. In India dams are of utter importance and they attach scenic beauty of the country.

metturMettur Dam – Hogenakkal (Tamilnadu)

Nandi -A Meditative Bull

Nandi(nanthi) holy cow is the bull vahana of Shiva. In Shiva temples, It is placed just opposite the entrance to the shrine containing the image of Shiva. Nandi is acting not only as Shiva’s guardian, but also as a constant lover. As nandi mimics the place of every lover who comes to stand before the deity, he is often revered as a model lover.

metturNandi -A Meditative Bull