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Directions for the Tamilnadu tourist places

Salem is an industrial area. It is a major textile center in Tamilnadu. The steel plant in Salem is unit of the steel authority of India. Tamilnadu tourist places have a special place for Mettur dam. The Mettur tops the list of dams in India.

Tamilnadu the beautiful southern state

Chennai is the capital and the largest city of Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu is one of the important states of country. The literal meaning is is ‘land of the tamils’. It is located in the southernmost part of the Indian peninsula.

The geographical location of the state is mesmerizing. It is gifted with Eastern Ghats in the north, nilgiri hills, annamalai hills and kerala on the west. Bay of Bengal flows in the east of the state and park straight at the south. Last but not the least it has the mighty Indian Ocean in the south.

The attractions of Salem

Mettur dam is situated in Mettur which is in the salem district of Tamilnadu.

  • Salem has the steel plant under the authority of steel authority of India.
  • Textile industry of salem is old and huge
  • Lot of engineering colleges in the district
  • The sago factories that produce sago through starch. Nation’s 80%tapioc and sago demand is fulfilled by Tamilnadu.
  • Mettur dam.

Tamilnadu tourist places
How to reach mettur dam?

Mettur can be reached by all the modes of transport. Tamilnadu is the southernmost state of the country; hence naturally the distance covered by the north Indian visitors is large.

By Train- the nearest railway station for mettur dam is Salem (55 km from Mettur). Salem is a busy railway junction. From the economic point of view the district of salem important in Tamilnadu tourist places.

Tamilnadu tourist places

By Air– Peelamedu airport (Coimbatore international airport) is the nearest airport for mettur dam. From Coimbatore you can hire a taxi or get a bus for Salem/Mettur. It is approximately 125 km from your destination.The peelamedu is connected with all the major cities of the country.

Tamilnadu tourist places

By road– The district salem and the mettur dam are well connected by the roadways. The transportation department of Tamilnadu has paid special attention towards road connectivity. You can find a bus from all major and minor cities of the state.

Tamilnadu tourist places

Your stay

To facilitate your stay in Mettur or Salem there are various hotels and accommodations available. You can easily find one online or simply walk in. from any major city of India if you are coming to Tamilnadu you must have a brief idea about the place.

You can easily find a place to stay and then visit the dam that is important in the list of dams in India. Mettur is definitely your loved destination. Apart from the other Tamilnadu tourist places the Mettur dam has historic and scientific importance.

  • Mettur dam is a milestone of engineering. It has been built in a huge area and it looks massive.
  • It binds the Kaveri River at a canyon when it reaches land. It is definitely one the important dams in the list of dams in India.

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